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    At the Tool Merchants, we offer a unique selection of effective, durable hand tools to help you succeed in the garden, forest, workshop, and on your outdoor adventures near and far.

    With a well-made tool in your hands, you’ll work efficiently, easily and enjoyably, season after season.


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    • The oldest form of hoe has many names: grub hoe, chopping hoe, peasant hoe, eye hoe, azada…but you’ll appreciate it for how useful it is.

      Primarily used with a swinging motion, this long handled hoe is good for chopping out medium to large weeds, especially in pathways and along bed edges.

      It is also used for breaking clods in new ground, removing sod, mixing amendments and moving soil, as you would when hilling potatoes.  Good trench-digger, too.

      This type of hoe is seen in the hands of peasants and farmers all over the world.

      See the Video section below for more info.


    • A Magna Grecia hoe breaks ground and deeply aerates like no other tool.

      At one time made by the Falci company in Italy, this unique and useful tool is no longer in production.

    • Check out this video review comparing the Amman hoe to a less robust, hardware store version.

    • One of a small group of American-made garden tools on the market today, the Hoe Dag is a well made tool with multiple uses.

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