Digging Tools

    Digging doesn’t always sound like much fun, but once the trees are planted or the potatoes are in cold storage we sure are glad we have good digging tools.

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    • The oldest form of hoe has many names: grub hoe, chopping hoe, peasant hoe, eye hoe, azada…but you’ll appreciate it for how useful it is.

      Primarily used with a swinging motion, this long handled hoe is good for chopping out medium to large weeds, especially in pathways and along bed edges.

      It is also used for breaking clods in new ground, removing sod, mixing amendments and moving soil, as you would when hilling potatoes.  Good trench-digger, too.

      This type of hoe is seen in the hands of peasants and farmers all over the world.

      See the Video section below for more info.


    • A Magna Grecia hoe breaks ground and deeply aerates like no other tool.

      At one time made by the Falci company in Italy, this unique and useful tool is no longer in production.

    • The blacksmiths at Clarington Forge in Northern England have been making hand forged garden tools since 1780 (over 230 years!).  Originally started by Franciscan monks, Clarington continues to make beautiful, durable tools that come with a lifetime guarantee.

      Replacement Handles

    • Invented by Franciscan monks centuries ago, these two classic tools are still skillfully made at the last remaining tool forge in England, Clarington Forge.

      Take 10% off (save $18/$19) when you purchase these tools together.  Makes a great gift.

    • Just like a hammer can do more than just pound nails, a heavy duty grub hoe can do more than chop out weeds, though it does that well. Used by farmers and peasants the world over, a grub hoe can break sod for planting, shape raised beds, incorporate amendments, quickly chop out large weeds, clear pathways and dig trenches.

      This Italian grub hoe is slightly heavier and more robust, but less refined than our German-made, SHW Grub Hoe

    • These Dutch forged trowels are useful for transplanting, small digging duties and scooping soil at the potting bench.

    • This stainless steel trowel is sleek, no frills and virtually unbreakable.  Made in the USA.

    • A garden spade from Clarington Forge is built to last more than just a  few seasons of tree planting or double digging.

    • Help us evaluate this tool!  We’re considering adding the Slammer Tool to our lineup and would love your feedback.

      The price shown here is $25 off the regular retail price.  In exchange for the discount, would you send us a review that we can publish on this page?  5 available at this price.

      The Slammer Tool is a unique, industrial-grade implement that combines the uses of a crowbar, axe, spade, digging bar and mattock/grubber into a powerful human powered work horse.

      Slide action design concentrates the force of the tool right where you want it (at the head) while minimizing strain on your body (you don’t have to lift the full weight of the tool and can stand upright while using it).

      It is useful for many jobs around the farm and homestead including:  transplanting (especially bamboo and other thick rooted plants), digging out stumps, trenching, demolition work, hardscaping and even splitting firewood.

      Please see both the Videos tab and the Descriptions tab for more details on the Slammer Tool.

    • Durable, functional and beautiful.  Dig holes in style with this spade from Dewit.

    • Beautifully forged in Germany, an SHW hay fork makes moving loose straw or hay a breeze.

    • Compost is prized for its effect on soils.  It adds organic matter, improves soil biology and increases water retention.  It helps you grow crops that are delicious and nutrient dense.  Treat your pile well with this German-made compost fork.

    • These are in like-new condition, with some minor scratches due to going to and from in-person events.

      15% off retail for the individual tools.  20% off for the spade and fork set.

    • One of the most beautiful and well made garden tools we carry, this border fork is useful for working in more confined areas or if you prefer to work on your knees.

      Fully forged, high carbon steel head.  Ash handle with European style T-grip.

      Comes with Dewit's lifetime warranty.

      This item is in like new condition with some light surface rust, 20% off retail.


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