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    Online Education


    The Smiling Gardener

    Phil Nauta, the author of "Building Soils Naturally," runs this great site.

    Check out his free organic gardening mini course and his blog to learn more about growing vibrant, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables.


    Grow Your Own Groceries

    This is an excellent, low cost resource for a beginning gardener or homesteader. This video takes a broad look at growing food and living closer to the land.

    It includes segments on water, growing vegetables, raising chickens and rabbits, growing fruit trees and more.

    Soil Food

    Soil Food Web

    Dr. Ingham is a soil biologist with a focus on building living soil which supports healthy plants, animals and people.

    Check out her "Getting to Know Your Soil" series in the videos section of her site.


    Permies is a forum for conversations around permaculture, gardening, animal husbandry, building and much more.

    It's a great place to pose your questions or just poke around and learn from what others are sharing.